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Now using PrimeXBT, you can get up to 100x leverage on BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and many more favorite cryptocurrencies of yours. Go long or short whenever you wish based on the TA trading strategy done on the clean UI of PrimeXBT.

This seventy-plus percent drop hit the market with a lasting effect, as it would take over six months for the price to recover to previous levels. Overnight, it fell to just $67. In early April 2013, Bitcoin was trading for as much as $237.

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SINGAPORE - Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will not be closing the accounts of Singapore users even though it has restricted access to trading cryptocurrencies on its platform, in line with a regulatory order by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Bybit has all the order types, including stop-loss orders which any exchange should have for the traders opening positions on leverage. Plus, its order execution is flawless because of its low latency trading engine.

A trade only occurs, thereby changing the price of Bitcoin, when these prices overlap. The bid price is the price at which buyers are willing to buy Bitcoin, and the ask price is the price at which sellers are willing to sell Bitcoin.

User-level protection such as two-factor authentication (2FA) is pretty standard. When you activate 2FA, you'll need to provide additional information whenever you log on, such as a code you receive by SMS. Most of the big cryptocurrency exchanges have good security programs.

All they can do is call your bank and request a chargeback, which you can also do yourself. Even if they do that, there’s no guarantee of it being effective in any way. As such, every refund company is, at best, BNB a glorified bank customer support operator. Even in such cases, they get back with nothing of use and simply cost users their money. However, there are some cases where the companies do provide some fringe services.

On Monday (Sept 27), Binance said users in the Republic would no longer be allowed to buy and trade cryptocurrencies on its main platform - - and Binance advised users to cease all related trades, withdraw fiat assets and redeem tokens by noon on Oct 26, to avoid potential trading disputes.

The cryptocurrency price data on is based on CryptoCompare’s API. The data is an aggregate of cryptocurrency exchange prices from around the world. Our platform updates the price information every 30 seconds. The price of Bitcoin is constantly changing, crypto with every new trade that is made.

In March 2020, Bitcoin fell from around $10,000 to below $4,000, in one of its biggest crashes of all time. The plunge coincided with a rapid worsening of the COVID-19 outbreak, which also saw the stock market tumble soon after.

It leads to a phishing website to harvest your credential as in the screenshot below," the billionaire has warned on his Twitter account. "There is a massive phishing scam via SMS with a link to cancel withdrawals.

In short, the company attempts to attract users that have been slighted by online services and exploit them further. Another predatory aspect of such companies is their preferred advertisement method which we’ll explain next in our Cncnintel review. As such, even seasoned traders and BNB investors can fall for them easily if they aren’t aware. The scam is especially malicious cause it hinges on both misinformation and victim vulnerability. Cncintel is a company that deals with a new type of scam which we refer to as refund fraud.

However, the volume is very low on the exchange, but still, one can easily trade for 10+ cryptocurrency pairs, but all the pairs are in BTC. So you can place a long/short position on any of these pairs at any price.

The most apparent example is Cncintel offering crypto tracing services to customers. And even for the one that is, most transactions are final, and even with tracing, there’s not much you can do. That’s not even getting into whether or not Cncintel can offer such services or is lying to get attention. One of the issues with that is that not all crypto is even traceable on a technical level.

Let say you want to buy bitcoins worth $10,000, but you have only $1000 at your disposal. So, now you decide to margin trade using the leverage ratio of 100:1 (100x means for every dollar you already have, crypto you will get 100 dollars extra to invest).

To prevent the withdrawal from taking place, the user is asked to click on a link to cancel the request. Unfortunately, the link leads to a phishing website that will try to steal credentials from investors. Scammers send SMS messages to crypto users informing them of a withdrawal request from an unknown IP address.

When people talk about the price of Bitcoin, they are referring to the current price at which Bitcoin is changing hands. Even then, the price of Bitcoin can vary across exchanges like Coinbase and Binance or currencies due to market inefficiencies. Since Bitcoin is a purely speculative asset, this price is determined by how little sellers are willing to charge and how much buyers are willing to pay.18 hours ago

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